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. . . C r y s t a l M a s q u e r a d e . . .

ア ウラ ☆ (スイ)
17 March
I don’t know how you arrived at my little mess on the net, but welcome anyway! This is Aura here, and this one is her lame attempt to make a readable profile XD

So… what to say? I’m Aura, also known by the names of スイ(Sui), Kye or Ningyou Butterfly, but I’m just Aura for friends. I do have another name, but I don’t actually like it, so you can call me either Aura or Sui, whichever you prefer.

I live in Spain, but I write my entries in English, in which I’m fluent (more or less, because I actually have LOTS of mistakes XD), so you don’t have to speak Spanish to friend me (Of course, you can comment on my journal in both languages)

This one is my personal journal, so its entries can be a little random sometimes. However, I’m uploading my crappy fanarts here at the moment (sometimes openly, sometimes in Friends Only mode) as well as reports of things I buy or other stuff.

So… Now, if you want to add me, you’re free to (just comment on my Friends Only post). More details about me (both good and not so good) are shown below, so just take a look if you wanna know more =3
B e l o v e d

I really love writing and drawing, as you can see, and I also consider the music I listen to as one of the most important things in my life.
I am into jrock, although now I'm not currently listening to many bands at the time, only Versailles/Aikaryu/HIZAKI Grace Project and maybe some others once in a while, and I love metal. A lot. I’m not going to make a list of bands I like, though, because there are too many examples to list (you can look for some in my interests) and I’m sure I would forget some of them for sure (^^U) But I’ll tell you that my favourite band is Versailles. I really love them to no end <3 I admire and adore both of its guitarists a lot, especially Teru, who is my most respected person.

I’m learning to play guitar all by myself, and I do have fun doing it. I have faith in those who say that “practice makes perfect” and I’m trying my best to be good someday!

I’m also a writer. I’ve been writing things since I was seven, and I can’t live without it. I love creating original stories, but, yeah, I write fanfiction as well.

About my behaviour… I guess I usually act like I had a mental age of ten. Yeah, I can be childish… but that doesn’t make me an idiot. I can be mature as well, depending on the situation, so that makes me... a childish adult? A mature child? (laughs)
Anyway, I like to comment on things if I find them interesting, despite sometimes it takes me a couple of days because I’m busy and lazy XD. However, if something doesn’t catch my interest, I won’t read it twice ^^U
Anyway, I can be a good girl, but I’m not nice to everyone. If a person does something I can’t stand, or if it’s meaninglessly rude, I can become an evil version of myself in one second <3

Now, if you want to know something about things I don’t usually like, just take a look at your right.
D i s l i k e d

First of all, I have to say that I don’t like the kind of person who comes around bashing the music I like. I mean, you can dislike the bands I love, and of course you can tell me, because I don’t have a problem with it as long as you’re polite. I respect everyone’s opinion, but I hate meaningless insults against the things I like, and I can get quite angry about that kind of situations.

I neither like those people who say things like “[insert person here] is all mine” or “[insert person here] is my husband/lover/in love with me”, especially when they tell that to other fans as if they were trying to keep them away from liking “their” beloved person as well. I’m sorry, but I don’t like that kind of attitude (neither in jock nor in metal bands *cough* Laiho fangirls beware *cough*). I have known some people who were like that in a very extreme way, and I found it disgusting.
I don’t have a problem if a person says it once in a while, and in a jokingly way, but I’m against those who say it seriously believing it because it’s just stupid.
Oh, and I don't like that "I would rape [insert person here] anyday" crap. It makes me sick (we are talking about human beings, not sexual toys, for God's sake), so please... Don't make me say it twice.

Last, but not least, I don’t like seeing my fanarts all over the net, so, please, don’t take them without permission. They are not especially good, but it takes time for me to make them, and I have seen them around more than once. If you want to use them for something, just tell me and ask for permission. If the purpose’s good, I’ll probably let you, if you credit me, and I will be grateful instead of being angry, so asking is the best option for everyone, right?

My published art usually has an ugly watermark with my LJ adress on it, so it will be easy to demonstrate who is the real author if you steal something from me and claim it as yours, so, please, don't do that. Please.

So… I guess this I-don’t-like list will keep growing as soon as I realize I’ve forgotten things, but that’s all for now XD
profile codes from xplastique @ lj

versailles is love.

aikaryu, alice and the pirates, alice in wonderland, angelic pretty, angra, angst, arch enemy, at the gates, attic, baby tssb, ball jointed dolls, bill steer, bjd, books, cannibal corpse, carcass, carpathian forest, cats, chii, children of bodom, chobits, chocolate, chou, cookies, cream, cryptopsy, cute things, d'espairsray, daiki, dalamar, death metal, death note, demyx, dimebag darrell, dimmu borgir, disarmonia mundi, dragonlance saga, drawing, dreaming, fantasy, fatal frame, fics, forefather, forest silence, freya, galneryus, guitar, guitars, hani, hansi kürsch, harajuku, heal, hide, hizaki, hizaki grace project, ice, icons, in flames, iori, ivory colour, jade curtiss, japan, jasmine you, jeff walker, jrock, jui, juka, jun, kadaj, kamijo, kaworu, kaya, kingdom hearts, kira, kisaki, korpiklaani, layouts, light yagami, lolita, lost horizon, loveless, luca turilli, luke fone fabre, manga, manowar, matenrou opera, matsumoto hideto, maxicimam, mecano, melodic death metal, memorias de idhún, metal, michael amott, mikage realm, music, namine, near, nightwish, okane ga nai, old music, organization xiii, ouran host club, pantera, petticoats, phantasmagoria, pink, playstation, psp, putumayo, raistlin majere, rame, reading, rentrer en soi, rhapsody, rhapsody of fire, ro, roxas, satsuki, schwarz stein, shagrath, shun, sleeping, snow, soul calibur, stripes, synergy, syu, takamasa, takumi, tamaki, tear grants, teru, the soulforge, tira, trivium, uli, vanilla, versailles, versailles -philharmonic quintet-, victorian maiden, vidoll, visual kei, water, white, winter, writing, x japan, yuki, yuu, zexion